Sunday, 27 November 2016

At the feet of my hare

This hare is bigger than me in so many ways. I have so far spent hours working on him yet I feel I still have a long way to go. I discovered today that although I thought my black paint liner was secure, it still rubs if I get it wet, so it will mean I will have to go over every black line with a tiny paint brush and black acrylic to seal it. Today I was back on my knees working on the hare's cuff and adding details to the bowls which is in honour of my dear Grampie, George Ham who discovered a talent for playing bowls after spending years watering the green. He did so well, he earned a place in the England team. The bowls on the hare's left hand paw has an England rose on it in his honour, but also because he was an expert in roses and was often a judge at horticultural shows (including Stroud Show). It is also my mum Jan's favourite flower and she too used to live in the Mansion House.

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