Saturday, 4 March 2017

Hare highlights

After finally putting the last few touches to Scarlet Red Hare, we took him outside into the Museum courtyard to get some photos done. Suddenly he seemed to come to life with the natural light on him. He may even get the award rear of the year with his fetching tennis ball tail!
And then it was hare removal time....having worked so hard on him and seeing him come to life, it felt hard letting him go to join his friends in Burford. What worried me most was the thought that the paint would run when he got sprayed....did I cover all the acrylic paint marker? As I am away in Berlin until March 10th, sadly I won't see him in Burford Garden Centre where he will meet his fellow hares for the first time on March 9th. I do hope you stand up tall Scarlet Red Hare and do Stroud proud!

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