Saturday, 24 September 2016

A litte red breast visits Scarlet Red Hare

Day two in my outdoor studio and after sanding down the white coat I applied to the Hare's head yesterday, I reapplied with new paint. As it is acrylic it dries quickly so I was able to start drawing in the mechanics of the clock, and begin bringing the eyes to life. Found it hard stopping flies from sticking to the white paint though! One lovely visitor made my day - an enchanting little robin, who also hopped along yesterday. Unafraid of the rather enormous white statue staring at him, the robin kept reappearing during the time I was there. I thought it was rather amusing that a little red-breasted fellow should come and see the hare that once finished will also have a red breast! My youngster daughters also visited me and Rosie, brought along her own rabbit to meet the hare!

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