Friday, 23 September 2016

First day of residency - a bit hare raising!

Making the first mark on a piece of paper, canvas or a page in a book is always the hardest. We all don't want to make a mistake, but sometimes you just have to go for it. And so despite a little trepidation of facing my whopper of a hopper, I embraced the challenge and started tackling his head. Well it is a case of coming head to head with a hare quite literally. And the hare's met his match. I may be a slighter version of this five foot animal, but I won't let his hefty size put me off - even if I have to stand on tip toe to reach his turned-up nose! Things are never plain sailing though are they - I soon realised that my System 3 Titanium White was not as fresh as I thought it was and my smooth brush strokes were far from smooth. It meant a walk to Stroud to buy a brand new tube and a commitment to sandpaper the first coat and start again tomorrow. Still, I was able to draw out the jacket and start painting his yellow ears. There are some tricky places to get to and even tiny hands like mine can't quite hit the spot. I think the hare might need to be tilted up to reach the bits I can't get to!

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