Monday, 26 September 2016

The Golden Eye

Couldn't resist popping back to see the Hare and problem solving. Turning his head into the mechanics of a clock is no easy business, but I wanted to tackle it. It did mean standing on the bench in order to get a better view of the head. I made a few decisions regarding the eyes and nose. Whenever we look at an eye, there is always a reflection in it, so I wanted the hare's eyes to reflect the history, so I decided on a silhouette of a mill building. Instead of the original blue idea, I have opened for a gold to match his gold buttons and collar. The robin popped back for a visit as did my younger two children, who were content to do a trail in the museum while their mother worked. Another decision I made was to add a gold button to the hare's nose, which will have a red thread running through and then continue as a running stitch to make his mouth. This will of course reflect the scarlet red jacket and the threads relating to the textile industry.

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