Saturday, 1 October 2016

Problems with the receding HARE line

I could probably come up with a hare pun every day. I worked on him yesterday and it was definitely a case of needing a HARE dryer as it was so wet. I got drenched just getting to the hare in his little outside studio. Having sought advice, I decided to use an acrylic paint pen to draw in the back lines to show the clock mechanisms on the white head. I left it to dry and returned this morning only to find when I tried to rub out my faint pencil lines, the eraser removed the black line as well as the pencil, and if there was any hint of moisture, the black lines smudged and looked terrible. Therein lies the problem - what will happen if varnish is to be added, surely this will make everything run? I decided to leave the issue in hand for the present moment and start painting in some red to cheer the rather dull dark rainy day and myself up! And right on cue, my little robin friend joined me which made my day. Back home, I called on a few professional artist friends to try and solve the problem. I couldn't find anything helpful on the manufacturer's website, so decided to try out a bit of varnish on a tiny patch in the morning to see what happens. Failing that, I have come to the conclusion - having bought some very thin paintbrushes - to paint on top of the lines with System 3 black acrylic in the hope this will avoid the worry of smudging later on. Lets hope the hare's receding problem will be resolved!

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