Sunday, 30 October 2016

Railway Time

I have included Robert Bragg's Railway Time clock as the hare's pocket watch. The reason being was Stroud had its own time, known as Town Time. Here's a bit of history thanks to the Museum in the Park as to why Stroud was for while, nine minutes behind London. "Prior to the advent of trains, local time in Britain was set by sundial, which reads differently based on your location on the Earth. In 1845 The Great Western Railway reached Stroud, which ran nine minutes behind what locals referred to as “London Time”. The notion of adopting a standard time was not necessarily a popular one; a number of cities created public clocks that operated at local time, with an additional minute hand showing London Time. By 1855, 98 percent of towns and cities in Britain had switched to GMT, but Stroud continued to resist. However, as the railway became an increasingly important part of day to day life attitudes gradually began to shift. It was time for a change." ( As the March Hare in Alice in Wonderland had a pocket watch in the original illustrations, I thought it was fitting that the Scarlet Red Hare had one too. My next challenge will be to run a railway track through his ears, and possibly include a bridge over the top!

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