Monday, 10 October 2016

Hare-raising again from the cold to the warm

Over the past few days both myself and the hare have been a lot warmer and happier. Having had a few problems with paint not drying, acrylic paint pens rubbing off and smudging, and fingers freezing in the cold, it was decided the best solution was to bring the hare and his artist into the museum itself. We have now got a pop-up studio outside Galleries one and two and are officially part of the artefacts. I suppose art-e-facts is quite an apt name for us, or my children would probably argue I am more of an old relic. So with a warm environment paint can dry. It also means my hands don't shake with cold and I have now managed to paint over every black line with a thin paintbrush and System 3 black acrylic. We are back on track. With the Secret Garden now open and the Big Draw taking place, the museum was buzzing with people. Such a lovely environment to work in, so hopefully the hare and I can take a leap forward with our creativity.

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