Friday, 21 October 2016

Going for gold

It's becoming clear that the hare will have to be turned over soon as there are some awkward spots to get to. I have quite small hands, but even I can't reach certain parts of Scarlet Red Hare's anatomy! Decided to add some gold today so I can add the details of the buttons and collar later. He is starting to look more regal and proud. Even though I am now inside and I no longer have the issue of cold fingers, working on a surface that is far from flat is still a tricky business and requires a lot of effort to keep my hand steady. Do miss seeing my little robin though. After applying the gold, I decided to paint his feet green. Opted for a more emerald green than a blue one. This will represent the billiard cloth still made at Lodgemore Mills; as well as the bowling green at Stratford Park. A special bowls will be added with the England symbol as a tribute to my grandfather George Ham who lovingly cared for the green and later discovered a talent for bowls, earning himself a place in the England team. So as from today, here's the updated hare:

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