Monday, 19 September 2016

Drawing up a plan

Having lived in Stroud and worked here as a reporter for almost 30 years, I am familiar with the town's history. Last year I wrote about some of the former mills, detailing what they once were and what they are now, which was published in Cotswold Life. This illustration went alongside it in Lowry style.
And this is a map of Stroud which encapsulates both the colours, the character and the history of the five valleys, again an illustration published in Cotswold Life.
I also did a number of drawings for a colouring book for Stroud's Museum in the Park to celebrate 15 years of it being based at Stratford Park. I enjoyed drawing the lines of the clock which is the museum foyer and wanted to use this for the hare's head.
So bringing all these things together helped me concentrate on red, green, blue and yellows; and the clock and cloth theme. My design therefore ended up like this:
This is the two-dimensional design, the challenge now is to translate this onto a three-dimensional shape that is as tall as I am!

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